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The advantages of LED spot light(LED cup light)

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- Designed to replace Halogen bulb. No need for modification(Certified Transformer only)

- In case of new installation , no need for transformer installation.(Parallel connect to SMPS).

- Optimum heat dissipation design


- Reliable LED with ESD protection circuit.

- Reliable against impact and vibration.

- Far longer life time than Halogen bulb. More than 30,000 HRs.


- Low risk of electrical shock due to low running voltage (AC/DC 12V)

- Lower heat generation cause lower threat of burn

- Low risk of breakage.

- CE certified


- Substantial energy savings 1W-5W POWER CONSUMPTION


- No harmful gas. No toxic material. (RoHS standard compliant)

- Possible to recycle.

- No UV and IR radiation.


- RGB FULL COLOR effect possible.

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