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The advantages of LED flat light source

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The advantages of LED flat light source is as follows:

1. Can be overcome line LED lights, LED high-power are the shortcomings of glare

2. To overcome the type of LED chip size, and the shortcomings of high cost

3. Attenuation using anti-aging material with 10 * 23MIL the large-size chips and sophisticated packaging technology that allows planar LED light source modules failure of less than 1.2%.

4. A reasonable package for full-chip heat dissipation to ensure the quality and life of the chip.

5. A smooth consistency, and without stain.

6. High luminous efficiency, white 6000-6500K can achieve 80-100LM / W, warm white 3000-3500K can achieve 75-95LM / W.

LED flat fluorescent light formed by a series of flat light emitting module, It does not have dark spots, not glare, the LED efficiency is more closely to the traditional fluorescent lamps. The LED efficiency of punctate fluorescent lamp is based on punctate light emitting. It glare, light emitting region is not continuous, and the people are difficult to adapt it.

The light-emitting angle of LED flat fluorescent lamp is more than 140 ??, the wide illumination region, and relatively uniform brightness, but the LED punctate fluorescent lamps light-emitting angle is small, small illumination region, and the high brightness of the region are concentrated in lights below.

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