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LED light to resolve the causes of decline

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LED light product failure is the light in the transmission signal weakened,

And at the present stage of global LED manufacturers have made the extent of bad light LED products are different, Similarly the existence of high-power LED light failure, which is directly related to temperature, mainly by the chip, phosphor and packaging technology decisions.

 At present, the white LED market decline of its light may be illuminated to the civilian one of the first questions to enter. LED light for the decline mainly in the following two factors:

 First, LED quality of the product itself:

1, used in bad physical grain LED brightness decay quickly.

2, the existence of defects in the manufacturing process, LED grain heat can not be good derived from the PIN feet, resulting in LED chip die temperature is too high so that the attenuation increased.

 Second, the use of conditions:

1, LED constant current driver for some reason LED drivers enable the use of voltage attenuation from LED.

2, drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.

In fact, lead to bad light LED products for many reasons, the most critical issues or hot, even though many manufacturers in the sub-product is not a special focus on the problem of heat dissipation,

However, these sub-products for long-term use of LED, light failure have focused on the degree of heat than the LED products is higher.

LED thermal resistance of the grain itself, the impact of silver plastic, the thermal effects of substrate, as well as colloidal and gold are also related to bad light.

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