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Main parts of EN60598 Standard

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EN60598-1:2000 Luminaires-Part 1:General requirements and texts.

It contains the work of 0 ~ 1000V voltage lamps all safety requirements and test projects

EN60598-2-1:1989 Specification for fixed general purpose luminaries. EN60598-1 specified in the terms which apply to the general purpose of the lamp fixed at the same time that some of the special kind of lighting requirements.

EN60598-2-4:1998 Portable General purpose luminaries. EN60598-2 specified in the terms which apply to the general purpose of the movable-type lamps, such lamps at the same time that some of the special requirements

EN60598-2-6:1995 Luminaires with built-in transtormers or converters for filament lamps.

EN60598-2-10:1989 Specification for Portable child appealing luminaries.

EN60598-2-23:1997 Extra low voltage lighting systems for filament lamps

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