LED Panel Light(ACM-P1050)

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Information of LED Panel Light (ACM-P1050)

Operating Voltage: 90-250VAC
Material: aluminum body with translucent acrylic panel board
Viewing Angle: 110 degrees
Light Color: Cool white, white and warm white
Luminous Flux: 620/600/560
Waterproof: No
Replacement: Traditional ceiling lights
Life Time: 80,000-100,000H
Light Source: Super bright LED
Warranty: 24 months
Product Size: D163X16mm
Advantage: Energy saved up to 50%. high intensity
Description: 1. Aluminum housing with white outer surface, ultra-thin design conception. 2. Matched with a high efficiency constant current driver. 3. Energy saving, low heat, no UV or IR radiation, no mercury; 4. Recessed installation; 5. High quality PMMA diffuser with over 90% light transmition achieves even and soft light output. 6. Application: For ceiling or wall lighting. It can be used in shopping malls, hotel, meeting room, commercial theatre,museum and so on. 7.Package Info: Ctn size 55*48*29cm, 30pcs/ctn, Gross Weight: 19KG/ctn. 8. Warranty: 24 months. P0150 adopts 24PCS 0.5W LED as luminous body, matched with high efficient LGP and elegant aluminium housing which emit high light output. No glaring, stable quality and long life-span. It can be installed into ceiling or wall.As a replacement of traditional downlight , it is widely used for hotel, restaurant , commercial & residential lighting. Feature Housing: Aluminium material with good heat conduction Adopts efficient light guide plate of PMMA material, no glaring High efficient and wide voltage constant current driver keeps stable current of the product Elegant design, ultra-thin, and convenient for usage.
Lead Time: 30 DAYS
Country of Origin: China
Mark:  Certificate
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LED Panel Light(ACM-P1050)

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Description of LED Panel Light: LED panel light uses extremely high effecient and bright LED as light source. It is energy saving, environment protection friendly, and beautiful. Can be applied to home, Plaza, walking aisle or lobbies, Hotels, Factories and Offices, Commercial Complexes, Residential/Institution Buildings, Hospitals. It is a good replacement of traditional CFL or PL ceiling lights. LED panel lights can be in round or square shapes.
About Us: China Acmelite Electric Co., Limited is a professional and large-scale manufacturer and exporter of lighting fixtures in Zhejiang province, since 1997. We aim to offer the suitable lighting products and best services to our international customers, and help them to be more competitive and powerful in the global market.

Our main products include lighting fixtures and ceiling light fixtures, which are widely used in home & office, for commercial and industrial purpose as well. Please refer to www.acmelite.com for more details. From 2007, we developed two new product lines: Solar Power Light and LED light. We leverage solar power and LED, the new green energy, as light sources for our lighting products, in order to take advantage of high technology. The main products of Solar and LED light include: LED Home Light, LED Decoration Light, LED Outdoor Light, Solar Power Light and Solar Garden Light. These products conform to CE standard of EN 61347-1:2001 and EN 61347-2-13:2006. They are popular in the global market, especially in North American and Europe.  More...
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